The names behind our platforms…

The names behind our platforms…

…or the day you became fluent in Japanese and acronyms!

Ever curious about the names of some products you use? For example, who came up with the name McFlurry? Sounds more like a cat’s name if you ask us… yet, we bet that on this hot summer day, you’re now craving some ice cream. Well, grab a scoop and dive into the story behind each of our platforms🍦.


What is the animal you have a chance to see in the streets of London? 🦊 indeed.
Well, this is exactly what KITSUNE means: the fox. We joke that KITSUNE is actually the Goddess of inari. We don’t want to brag but we’re a month shy of turning 6 and we have been growing and growing, welcoming great talents, developing our platforms and securing new clients each year – so clearly, a good star is watching over us!

Matsuri: inari’s bordereaux platform 

Our bordereaux ingestion and management platform bears an unusual name. MATSURI.
It’s actually the translation of festival in Japanese. We love the symbolic behind it.


You might think this is straight forward but ORCA is actually the one and only platform that is an acronym: Outward Reinsurance Calculation Attachment. Pretty simple, isn’t it?
Well, there’s also a nice story behind it! Did you know that orcas (yes, the animal) speak different languages to communicate depending on where they are in the world? Well, we like to say that our platform ORCA is here to make the liaisons between all of your platforms as it can speak to all.


Last but certainly not least, SAIHOKEN. Our first reinsurance solution bears its eponym of the field in Japanese. Simple but effective!

Would you have guessed one of the names’ origins? Which one is your favourite? We’re curious to know!