A moral compass will empower your growth

A moral compass will empower your growth

On Tuesday 18th April, we attended the global insurtech summit event. One speech resonated with us: the ‘moral compass’ discussion, led by Allianz.

They chose to divide this moral compass into four (cardinal) sections, insisting each of those four points is essential to grow, succeed and last in the long-run.

What were they?

  1. Have a purpose
  2. Retain a human touch
  3. Be honest
  4. Be mindful

Why did we feel drawn to these points? Simply because we truly believe in them: in fact, they can be found at the core of our company, from the very beginning (5th September 2017) till now.

Have a purpose

Between our four founding members, we have 60 year+ of experience within the insurance industry. Take a tech enthusiast, an actuary, a finance expert and a legal specialist: together, they will each bring their own perspective of the industry, their own dreams, their own frustrations, their own ideas…and will share the same goal. To revolutionise the industry. Nothing less. The purpose of inari has always been to take on the heavy lifting that prevents re/insurers to focus on their day-to-day job, support them in their journey and make sure the tech is at the service of humans.

Retain a human touch

When starting a new company from “zero to one*”, there’s a lot to think of before even taking the first step. In less than a year after opening our new office in London (May 2022), we’ve grown from 28 people to almost 50. Even though we are always looking for the best talents out there, we do want to attract people who can understand our brand. And the human part surpasses it all. We have a team dedicated to our amazing clients, building bridges between them and the product teams. And despite being agile, we make sure we come together every quarter to ensure great relationships between the teams, be transparent with the business’ goals and where we are on our growth journey.

Be honest

Our experts work directly with our clients to understand their needs and some of our products were initially built hand-in-hand with our first clients. As everything in the tech industry, our products keep evolving to better serve our clients’ and the industry’s needs. Our experts stay transparent to all and any challenges faced along the way. As Shannon L. Alder once said: “Be fearlessly authentic”. We absolutely obey by that rule. Thanks to our distributed ledger technology, it’s very easy to trace what was done previously and keep tracks of the data entered (if you’d like to learn more blockchain, you may find our article ‘the blockchain challenge‘ interesting).

Be mindful

We are the first generation to be conscious we are responsible to take care of our home, the planet earth, and the catastrophic impact some human actions have had / still have today. With a “what got us here, won’t get us there” attitude, we encourage all our people to volunteer in their local communities and believe any bit can help and make a difference. As a company, we support our people when we can (you can read one story here) and we take active steps towards making the workplace a safe place for all.

Of course, there are always a better way to do things; and the good news is, we’re an agile and dynamic insurtech, willing to learn, grow and take on new challenges!
It’s fantastic to attend such events – thank you, London! -, reminding us one of the oldest industries hasn’t forgotten its authenticity and its purpose in the world.

For more information on inari, please reach out to Oliver Fox.

*title of an inspiring book that we highly recommend.