About Us

Who are we?

Established in 2017 in Barcelona by experienced reinsurance industry professionals, inari develops the latest technology for the insurance and reinsurance industry. The inari core technology infrastructure helps insurers, reinsurers, managing agents, MGAs and Lloyd’s syndicates increase operational efficiency, improve data insights, and streamline connectivity.
The company’s mission is to help insurance professionals do more of the work they like while reducing errors in manual data input work.

Management Team

Frank Perkins

Chief Executive Officer
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By day I bring to inari 20 year’s experience as an insurance executive, IT engineer in cutting edge technologies as well as entrepreneur and sought-after public speaker. By night I am a pro-gamer, Marvel & Star Wars fan and mountain biker. Inari brings my passion for innovation and vision built into reality.

Véronique Gob

Chief Digital Officer
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I have built up an international career in the insurance industry across the board from pure Finance roles to Business Development and Change Management. As co-founder and CDO of inari, I put my broad experience into building up the company and supporting the customers through their digital transformation journey.
Things I travel with: good bread and salted butter.

Jochi Jiménez

Chief Operations Officer
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I manage the things no one can see, it’s called Operations, and make sure the company itself stays up and running; the rest of the time I just try to follow the memes sent by Frank although I don’t understand most of them.

Teresa Madariaga

Chief Actuarial Officer(FCAS, IAE)
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A certified actuary in Europe, the London and US market, I am proud to be pride technically very accurate while allowing for easy-to-update, quick-to-compute, and intuitive-to-use interfaces. I am a math-wizz and well-travelled.

Mariam Bachir

Head of People & Culture
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I oversee the delivery of human resources functions including organisational change and development, team development and performance management, recruitment, benefits administration and team wellbeing.
Sahara & Cuba in my blood Cataluña in my heart, don’t ask me to decide.

Pau Via Espinal

Finance Director
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I am the head of Finance with strong focus on scalability of processes in a growing environment and development of an efficient KPI framework to deliver crucial information on a timely manner. I try to be a fair looser (most of the time) but if Barça loses a game, it’s probably best to avoid me.

Alex Mora

Operations Manager
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My mission is to connect all teams to work together towards the company’s goals. My work happens behind the scenes but significantly impacts the day-to-day running of the company, always with the objective of initiatives geared towards operational excellence. Observing, accompanying, correcting, improving and empowering are the key premises to develop my functions. I like to be with family and friends, spending quality time with my loved ones. And I enjoy the pleasure of travelling and seeing the world when I get the chance.

Jonathan Pflieger

SVP, Insurance Products
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I have 20 years of experience in the specialty insurance market in both underwriting and underwriting management roles. I therefore have extensive knowledge and understanding of products, stakeholder needs, distribution channels and revenue models. As the SVP of Insurance Products, I focus on delivering innovative solutions to existing as well as future clients and ultimately growing the business. In my free time, I enjoy travelling and mountain biking.

Albert Díaz

Technology Director
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In an ever-evolving technological landscape, I integrate my technical expertise with a passion for innovative and practical solutions. This dynamic environment challenges me to stay ahead, ensuring our technology strategies not only align with, but also propel our company’s goals forward. I’m deeply committed to fostering teamwork and open communication within our teams, embracing the fast-paced changes and opportunities that define our industry. I enjoy the immersive storytelling of comic books, the physical and mental challenge of obstacle course racing, and the energizing vibe of Metal and Rock music.