Happy St George’s day!

Happy St George’s day!

On 23rd April, we celebrate St George’s day in England and St Jordi’s day in Barcelona. Don’t we love it when both our offices have a chance to celebrate a common public holiday!πŸ’«

The patron saint of England (and the dragon!) has captivated British imaginations since the Crusades. He became a legendary figure for his courage and bravery and is thought to have died around AD 303 on 23rd April.

According to the Barcelona legend, after having been defeated by St Jordi, a rose flourished from the blood of the slayed dragon. St Jordi picked it up and offered it to the Princess he’d just saved… as we love a rose, everyone going to the Barcelona office on Friday found one waiting for them.

Another usual present that you can receive in Barcelona on that fun day is a new book. Traditionally more for men, it’s 2023 (already?) and both men and women exchange books as presents (as well as roses). We invented a fun game at inari –> describe your favourite book only using emoji and the most creative one will be rewarded in our next Townhall in May. We’re looking forward to seeing who’s won! What book would you pick?

We hope everyone is having a safe and happy St George’s day! We’re off to support Oliver Fox running the London marathon now!

Photo credit: Marion Mazari, the National Gallery (London)