Inari speaks to Monte Carlo Today on its Gen IV tech

Inari speaks to Monte Carlo Today on its Gen IV tech

Monte-Carlo, Rendez-vous de Septembre 2022

Inari’s value proposition has always been to have an interconnected ecosystem for a client-friendly platform. It’s in our DNA to do the heavy lifting for customers, giving time back to people to do people tasks and having the system do machine tasks.

The first generation was just a system of record where you can put your data in, try and extract it and run insights. The second one is when you start to have task-specific technologies.
In this, the third generation, there are truly interconnected operating systems, more attention is being paid to the user experience, and there is more automation of process. The fourth generation is for when machine learning and artificial intelligence are commoditised, which is where we are already. And Frank Perkins (inari’s CEO) says he’s already thinking about the fifth.

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