Managing General Agents’ Association

Managing General Agents’ Association

The inari team’s favourite shows & tells

Just like their animal totem🐝, we were buzzing after such a productive day at the MGAA annual conference. The room was busy with new and old faces, and it was lovely to chat with everyone on the future of insurance, where inari fits in and how we can support the evolution of one of the oldest industries.

How the world of insurance plays a crucial part

We listened to a great talk from AXA Partners UK & Ireland‘s CEO, Claudio G. about the value and importance of #insurance.
His first point was to emphasise how we play the role of ‘safety net’ in our communities and how it’s crucial we learn how to communicate better about it.

Claudio also raised the million-pound question: ‘What makes an ideal partner?’
We were all ears at INARI.IO as we’re proud to be part of an #ecosystem. Short answer (from his own granddad!): “Big things take time. There is nothing in the world that is good but doesn’t take time. That’s how relationships grow and get better.”

Finally, he closed with another (perhaps more tangible) question: “Why should the future be a risk?” We all have a role to play to make it safe – and ready to help, support and be there for our customers in times of need!

How tech can come handy if you want to stand-out

Another great panel discussion this afternoon at the Managing General Agents’​ Association focusing on the customer view as explained by industry-leading brokers.

One piece of advice is how MGAs can use technology to differentiate themselves – we couldn’t agree more!

Another piece of advice from the panelists was to migrate to a new ground-breaking technology as it will help stand-out from competitors… we’re here to talk if that rings a bell!

What do you expect to hear when you attend those events? We’re curious to know!