Built from the ground up
by our team of “insur-geeks”

INARI is offered as a secure SaaS platform with 360° access to a broad variety of data sets and types providing automated ingestion, processing, and governance and INARI  highly configurable rules base readily allows for bespoke and legacy business processes to be easily integrated.


Underwriting, Policy Administration, Risk Management, Compliance & Reporting under one box.

Break the Silos and Collaborate

React & Interact

Safeguard & Comply

The Stack

INARI’s cutting-edge technical stack includes

Distributed Ledger

Using Distributed Ledger technology as a secure shared data source at the heart of the platform

Business Process

Powerful, flexible and purpose-built business process engine that can digitise any insurance process

Data Lake

Ingest large amounts of structured and unstructured data at scale regardless of source and distil in real-time


Interact with any external system programmatically and interact with the platform at an API level

Event Driven

Dynamic & event-driven data models that capture insurance data as it should be

Artificial Intelligence

Automatically predict and act based on how you manage risk


Modular and customisable architecture that lets you choose what you need and how you interact


Secure, automated, flexible and high-performance infrastructure at scale

Product Features

Making insurance efficient and easy across the entire lifecycle

Powerful underwriting tools

Automated data ingestion and sourcing, AI-enhanced risk analysis, bespoke rating tools and beyond

Single Source of Truth integrity

Homogenous and quick data visualization on an aggregate and granular level

Real-time monitoring, analytics and reporting

View datasets, insights and alerts as they happen

Distributed Ledger powered Risk Events Timeline

Embedded governance and full visibility from back to end

Empowering your team and distribution network

Intuitive front end with 360 interconnectivity facilitating exchanges and cohesive work

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