RESPECT always wins

RESPECT always wins

Townhall. Q2. 2023. Barcelona.

At inari, we believe working together will take us a long way. As our team is growing expansively, our quarterly townhalls are proving to be essential for bringing everyone people together to ensure team bonding, trust and to keep every team up to date with the company’s strategy, goals and developments.

Which is why in May, all 50 of us (!) came to Barcelona in high spirit – despite the rain, might we add. After a great presentation from each team’s leaders, we played a game called ‘art & pain(t)’ to unleash everyone’s creativity. As we were welcoming quite a few new joiners, it was a fab opportunity to learn about our values: ownership, client focused, hard work, creativity, respect and collaboration.

The goal was simple: show us your inner artist, team spirit and communications skills to engage with your peers and convince them your representation of one of our values is the best.

In teams of five, each group was assigned randomly a value and asked to represent it in any form possible, i.e., a poem, a film reference, a song, a painting…. They had one hour and had to present back to the whole group.

Everyone’s ideas were on point but there can only be one winner and the ‘respect’ team took the win! Congratulations to (from left to right): Manu, Santi, Elena, Xavi, Nelo and Adri!🔥

It’s safe to say we’re looking forward to our next quarterly townhall! Until then, we’re always looking for new bonding ideas…what do you do in your team’s ‘reunions’? Do share, we’re all ears!